Learn the social media and digital marketing strategies that work for not-for-profits, social enterprises and cause-organisations from people who have been there and succeeded.

Change the World was created to make social media education accessible to cause organisations so they can survive and thrive in a today’s digital world. Now it’s your turn to join the 13,987 others who have taken advantage of this free conference over the past 5 years. 

Our next FREE Change the World is on May 4, 2022.

You can pre-register to save your spot by clicking the button below.

This conference is designed for people working in not-for-profits, social enterprise and impact-based organisation who want to understand social media or get more confident and doing it.

If you feel like there is still so much to learn in the world of social-media marketing but you struggle to find information relevant to cause-focused organisations, this event is for you.

If you want to get more confident with social media, learn from people who have been where you are and understand your unique challenges and leave feeling inspired and excited again… this is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've pre-registered - now what?

Now you have pre-registered when official registrations open you will be automatically registered for our next Change the World event on May 4, 2022.

We'll also send you an email reminding you that you pre-registered and give you a chance to let us know if something has changed and you are now unable to make it. 

If this is the case, you can keep your registration so you can watch the replays after the event goes live or you can let us know and we will unregister you.

Is it actually free?

Absolutely, totally, 100% free. This is our way to give back to the community on a large scale, and tickets to this will always be free.

Who is putting this event on?

Change the World is put on by Hancock Creative, with the support of a lot of incredible speakers, supporters and sponsors.

Hancock Creative are an award-winning education agency who has worked with not for profits and social enterprises around Australia.

They’ve worked with some very inspiring folks including: Australian Red Cross, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Lifeline WA, Bankwest Foundation, and about 300 others.

Hancock Creative’s mission is to create a better tomorrow by furthering worthy causes around the world. So that’s why they dreamt up Change the World.

Can a few people from our organisation come along?

Definitely. We encourage you to bring along a decision maker like a director or CEO, because we hope they’ll get as excited about marketing as we are.

But I have another question you haven’t answered?

Oops! Feel free to email us at wow@hancockcreative.com.au and ask it directly. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If it’s a great question, we can also go back and add it to our FAQs.